Bathroom shelves and bathroom accessorize

design Monica Graffeo

Multifunctional design shelf

A collection of bathroom shelves accessories featuring a linear and essential design with a wide functionality: not only supports, but also furnishing accessories, towel holders, shelves and pocket emptiers.

BRUNT COLLECTION – Multifunctional shelves

The shelves of  BRUNT COLLECTION are of different sizes: 20 – 30 – 45 – 60 Cm.

Some can be equipped with add shelves or holes to accommodate toothbrush glasses.

The shelves are also towel holders.

Available finishes: mat white – mat purple gray – mat black

Mensola bianca multifunzione

The shelf can also be installed vertically.

The vertical bar of the BRUNT collection is in painted steel. Capacity up to 150 kg.

Dimensions: 10 x 100 cm

Finishes available:

mat white – mat purple gray – mat black

Multifunctional shelves


The toilet roll holder of  BRUNT is an essential component of the collection.

Load capacity 150 Kg.

Dimensions: 14×14, 5 cm

Finishes available:

matt white – matt purple gray – matt black

portarotolo bianco

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    Material: steel

    Maximum load: kg. 150

    Finishes: opaque white, opaque purple grey, chrome-plated


    Horizontal bar: depth mm 105 – width mm 200-300-450-600

    Toilet roll holder: depth mm 145 – width mm 140