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From a towel holder to a complete element for living space, thnaks to modular design.






YOU is time, made up of personal life and experiences, understood as a connection of stories that followed one another in a specific time and space, animated by the essence of protagonists, unique each time. 

In this way YOU lives in a potentially infinite space, developed on a circular trajectory, on which object and person merge together and become a fix but at the same time a fluid point, that moves around its own axis, orbiting, to outline the precise moment of a story. 

Stories of time, of places, of atmospheres, of souls, which draw from the past to build the future and tell it concretely, through the matter and the function of an object, which is no longer just an object, but becomes a sensory and expression element.  


You are YOU, with your personality, with your experience, and with your desires. 


YOU is shaped and composed through the soul of those who use it, who, embracing its essence, interacts with it and explores its possibilities. YOU is a toll that tells who we are through sensorial experiences, which catch the eye, stimulate the touch and recall the sens of smell, intringuing it in images and memories. 

YOU does not exist, except through the other. From monochrome to the spectrum of colors, that everyone interprets in a personal way. Origin from which arises a flow of countless lives, each one with a soul that takes from the time, by using it for build the time, in a continuum of stories. 

The uniqueness of YOU lies in its intrinsic nature of non-existent, if considered an end in itself, but infinite if considered a mirror of humanity made of senses. 


Live your sensorial experience. 

porta asciugamani you ever life design

An object that becomes presence, with a vertically design, on which geometries and objects are rotating. 

you furniture design living space

YOU takes on an identity and lives in a continuum. 

YOU is not just a design element. YOU is a conceptual world, an inspirational journey, an emotion made matter.  

YOU azzera i vincoli di utilizzo. 

Design dall’estetica essenziale, che colpisce senza invadere. Punto di appoggio Design with an essential aesthetic, able to create an impact, but with discretion. A point of support that seems to arise naturally from the floor and extends elegantly upwards. 

YOU is the industrial accent you are not expecting, decontestualized, able to expand the classic concept of style. 

The freedom to express oneself in space. 

YOU is the hub of a human orbit living in the space. Positioned near a free standing tub, it gives a unique atmosphere to the lounge area. 
YOU appendi asciugamani e storage vasca freestanding

Color, shapes, identity. 

Designed to be also suitable for young and pop spaces, that take on personality thanks to this single object. YOU is the design that embraces every generation. 

living space design furniture

The function of evolving design 

YOU was born as a design accessory for bathroom and living area. Minimal shape, that expresses the identity of the brand EVER Life Design. 

An accessory created to be a multifunctional element,  a modular system, starting from a towel holder able to become a functional element for living spaces or the entryway.  

A slim structure, discrete, made of modern materials such as steel and aluminium, that can be perfectly integrated into multiple contexts: YOU, through its modular system, is created thinking about the needs of use. 

Multifunctionality obtained through accessories designed to satisfy every need you desire in your personal spaces or shared areas. Which coat and towel hooks, towel rails, towel holders, trays, mirrors, glass vases, that you can combine as you prefer, YOU can change the space. 

YYOU is the functional design based on the concept of personality and real presence during the time.  

Buck Portasalviette

Assembly instructions


Buck Mensola

Towel Holders


scalda salviette nero opaco

Towel Holder small

Roll Holder

Portasalviette con mensola

Candle Holder


Portasalviette con 2 mensole

Diffusor Vase / Vase

Portasalviette con 2 mensole

Mirror with Support


Buck Mensola e portalampada

Magnifying Mirror 2X

Buck Mensola e portalampada

Magnifying Mirror 2X with support

Buck Mensola e portalampada

Magnifying Mirror 2X with support and extension

Buck Mensola e Specchio ingranditore

Tray with support

Buck Mensola e Specchio ingranditore

Basket medium

Buck Mensola e Specchio ingranditore

Configuration 1

Buck Mensola e Specchio ingranditore

Configuration 2

Buck Mensola e Specchio ingranditore

Configuration 3

Live you sensorial experience. Write us to discover more. 

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