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  EVER Life Design creates products, accessories, collections for home and bathroom that are real elements of life.

Versatile, multifunctional, innovative, objects and creates with the aim to be useful for everyone and in every space. Objects and accessories designed for your well-being and for a good quality of life living the space in a safety, practical and functional way. Among the various products of EVER Life Design we find for example washbasin countertop washbasins, wall hang washbasin or shelves for the bathroom, shelves for the kitchen or for the bedroom but also shower seats, stools, wall-mounted towel holders and modular systems. Each accessory becomes a partner of life and is perfect in every space of your home.

EVER Life Design marks the birth of a new project human-centered dedicated to the person and the spaces in which we live. The brand has focused on the offer of multifunctional accessories for the bathroom and for all the other spaces of the home that requires safety and comfort, combined with design and the quality of Made in Italy. This specific connotation, that earned to EVER Life Design important awards like the  Honorable Mention Compasso d’Oro ADI and the National Award for the Innovation.



PROP Collection >

design by Monica Graffeo

Buck Collection

BUCK Collection >

design by EVER Life Design

portasciugamani con luce led

GAMBOL Collection >

design by Monica Graffeo

Click Collection

CLICK Collection >

design by egg’s

portasciugamani nero a parete

STYLE Collection >

design by EVER Life Design

brunt mensole e porta rotolo di design

BRUNT collection >

design by Monica Graffeo

DOT Collection
multifunctional modular system for the bathroom and home

design Monica Graffeo


custom spaces with creativity

A transformable, customizable and creative collection. The idea is to create different combinations following your own taste, the space available and the functionality that you desire. DOT is made of a series of products essential for your home: towel holder, shelf with or without tumblers, toilet roll holder, magazine hang out. The collection allows you to match all together these elements.

Versatility of the products

Suitable for the bathroom and the kitchen, where the products of the collection can be reinvented and used like towel holders or dishware holder, the elements of the collection have a simple design, easy, able to complete with personality and style every space in your home.

DOT Collection combines a series of base elements: towel holder, shelf with tumblers, coat hook, wall-mounted shelf, toilet roll holder, magazine hang out.

useful abilities


We want to customize your experience, we want to make it complete

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