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  EVER Life Design creates products, accessories, collections for home and bathroom that are real elements of life.

Versatile, multifunctional, innovative, objects and creates with the aim to be useful for everyone and in every space. Objects and accessories designed for your well-being and for a good quality of life living the space in a safety, practical and functional way. Among the various products of EVER Life Design we find for example washbasin countertop washbasins, wall hang washbasin or shelves for the bathroom, shelves for the kitchen or for the bedroom but also shower seats, stools, wall-mounted towel holders and modular systems. Each accessory becomes a partner of life and is perfect in every space of your home.

EVER Life Design marks the birth of a new project human-centered dedicated to the person and the spaces in which we live. The brand has focused on the offer of multifunctional accessories for the bathroom and for all the other spaces of the home that requires safety and comfort, combined with design and the quality of Made in Italy. This specific connotation, that earned to EVER Life Design important awards like the  Honorable Mention Compasso d’Oro ADI and the National Award for the Innovation.



Click Collection

CLICK Collection >

design by EVER Life Design

Buck Collection

BUCK Collection >

design by e-ggs

PROP Collection >

design by Monica Graffeo

portasciugamani con luce led

GAMBOL Collection >

design by Monica Graffeo

portasciugamani nero a parete

STYLE Collection >

design by EVER Life Design

brunt mensole e porta rotolo di design

BRUNT collection >

design by Monica Graffeo

CLICK Collection

Multifunctional modular system for the bathroom and home
Design by EVER Life Design


CLICK, the modular system for the bathroom and home that allows you not to drill holes in the walls

Click is a modular system with a minimal and contemporary style, presenting a complete series of bathroom and home accessories. The Click collection was created from a common need: that of furnishing the bathroom and home in style without puncturing and ruining the walls. Click therefore proves to be the perfect solution for those who live in rentals or those who simply do not want to puncture the walls of their home.

A functional collection with a strong aesthetic impact, reflecting the values carried forward by the EVER Life Design brand. CLICK is original, able to amaze the audience thanks to the innovative magnetic system.

The minimal forms allow adaptation to any environment, both in terms of style and in terms of use. CLICK, in fact, was born for the bathroom environment but is perfect for installations in different spaces of the house, such as the entrance hall, the kitchen or the bedroom. Finally, the Click system also makes it possible to use the walls inside which the pocket doors slide, recovering space.

Apply the accessories with a simple CLICK

In fact, the Click modular system allows accessories to be applied at will to a metal band via a solid magnetic fastener. The band, in turn, attaches to the wall thanks to a highly resistant and high-performance double-sided adhesive system, thus avoiding the need to drill holes in the walls.

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