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4 ideas for furnishing the outdoor space with a minimal and elegant style

You are finally at the end of your important home renovation but you have not yet thought about how to complete the outdoor space because “ we will think about it later”. Here, you can find 4 tips to complete the outdoor space with a minimal and elegant style.

And this is how you find yourself during these beautiful days that are getting longer, with the desire to find the way to fully enjoy this time, but you certainly do not want to spend your last energies to look for the new trends and to think about how to organize this space depending on your needs. Well, whether you are looking for a functional, cozy or regenerating space, we have prepared some tips that for sure will help you.


If you have little time and space

You are often away from home and you already know that you will not have time to follow your outdoor space.
In fact, you have planned to arrange a small space, but you would like to realize something minimal and elegant.
Therefore, you would like to opt for a few but functional accessories, which are easy to tidy up, and that require little maintenance.
Well.. take note:
Remember that, when you plan to set up an outdoor space, you have to look carefully for a sort of homogeneity in terms of style and finishes, because the outdoor is a real extension of your home, of interior, and it is important to obtain a pleasant and harmonious result.
Have you ever think about the possibility to use the same accessories you have used for your interior?
Think about it, in this way you will not be forced to use a space for the storage of the outdoor elements, but you will avoid also a double investment.
If it seems impossible, it means you still do not know Roll: a real innovative stool with a strong character, suitable to be used in the bathroom, but also in the living area, in the kitchen or in the garden.

You just have to  choose the different colors created to match perfectly with the styles and the spaces of you home.

We remind you to prefer neutral shades for your accessories, such as white and dark grey.
Keep the space very tidy is essential if you have small spaces available, but sometimes it seems really impossible. Just add Roll’s elastic mesh , to have a useful space to be used as a storage system for your accessories, such as body care products, books, magazines and small accessories.
Try the “skyfarming”: jasmine, wisteria, passionflower and aristolochia, are climbing plants very fragrant and easy to grow. If you let them climbing on the walls, you will save space and at the same time they will help you to absort heat and keep your home cool.


If you are a real social lover.

Your home is like a seaport. If you are a sunny person, you will have the need to surround yourself with people and their positive energy. If you think that summer is the perfect season to organize frequently outdoor dinners, see below that we have thought for you:
Find the right light, it is hard to do! Would you like to reach an elegant but sober result, but you want to avoid to use the traditional lanterns or candles? Have you ever thought about rechargeable table lamps? One of their advantages is the lack of wires, and the autonomy of several hours. If, before reaching the table, you want to offer an original drink, just add the table top Roll made of natural beechwood, to get a useful and smart small table.
All you have to do is to place your wireless lamps and adjust their intensity according to the atmosphere you want to realize.


    Plan to realize a green corner near the barbecue area. Start with aromatic plants: in addition to the wonderful scents, they are very easy to grow and they require a little care, they are also very useful for cooking! But do not limit yourself to use sage and rosemary, try also different types of chillies such as Tabasco, Jalapeno and Habanero.
    For the success of the evening, a lounge music background will be fantastic.
    It is not necessary to have an audio system, try the latest wi-fi speakers. Small but really powerful, you can put them wherever you want.
    Remember to find a blanket to lay on each seat at the beginning of summer season, your guests will appreciate your attention.


    If you want a relax and wellness corner

    If for you home is a refuge in which you can “recharge your batteries” after a hectic week, if you love to dedicate yourself moments or care, for body and mind.. create in your outdoor space a real relax and wellness area.
    A real must have, the possibility to create a wellness area with outdoor bathtubs. Choose it in a built-in version, or a freestanding one, considering the space available. Use essential oils of lavender or citrus, and practice aromatherapy and a sensory experience at home.
    After a whole day in the sun, nothing is more regenerating than a shower done outside, taking a few minutes more than usual.
    Do you want to leave the hair mask reading your favorite magazine? Do you get tired standing up under the shower but you want to take a few minutes for you under the water? No problem! Use Roll, it is waterproof. Roll is 100% waterproof and it can be used also under the shower. The weight, which is only 1 kg, allows it to be very practical to use everywhere, and it can be used by people up to 120 kg.
    A real trend is also the suspended seat, perfect to get in touch with nature or read a book. They can be hang on the outdoor ceiling, or a self-supporting structure, or .. why not.. on a tree. Among the most elegant models, with a contemporary design, you can find those in hand-woven wicker with a soft padded cushion.

    As a final touch we recommend to provide an outdoor bar trolley, to prepare special cocktails and enjoy under a starry sky.

    We hope that these tips for furnishing the outdoor spaces have been useful, we wish you wonderful sunny days and relax in your new outdoor space.

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