led light bar

design Monica Graffeo

A handle, a strong support but also an auxiliary light for the night or to create a warm atmosphere that acts as a guide in the bathroom.

The LED light bar is adjustable in different positions, projecting the light downwards, upwards or toward the wall. It can be both vertically and horizontally installed.

The LED bar is turnable through a secure 360 ° rotation, thus allowing to direct the light in the preferred direction.

The support functionality, is maintained and guaranteed in all positions through an effective locking system of the light bar.

The dispersion of heat allows the bar not to overheat even in long periods of lighting.


Materials: extruded aluminum

Load: 120 kg

Versions: 500mm (5w), 650mm (7w), 800mm (9w)

Bar color: white, anodized, black

Electrical: 24 vdc, 3000 lm

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